A written complaint addressed to the Commission, the Regional Director or the District Officer should always include the following;

  1. Name and address of both the petitioner and Respondent including Postal and Residential address and Telephone Numbers, if any.
  2. Nature of the complaint and all relevant documents.
  3. The relief being sought.
  4. The Complaint shall be signed by the Complainant or his agent.


Where the complaint is made orally or the complainant cannot read and write, the complaint shall be reduced into writing by the officer at the registry of the Commission or its branch to whom the complaint is made or by any other person chosen by the complainant.

A person who reduces into writing the oral complaint or any person shall:

  • Read over and explain the contents to the complainant;
  • Declare on the document that the complainant has fully understood or appeared to understand and appreciate the content of the complaint
  • Cause the complainant to append his or her signature or thumbprint to the written complaint.


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The Commission shall not investigate:

  1. A matter which is pending before a court or judicial tribunal; or
  2. A matter involving the relations or dealings between the Government and any other Government or an international organization; or
  3. A matter relating to the exercise of the prerogative of mercy.

The Commission may also refuse to investigate or cease to investigate any complaint:

  1. If the complaint relates to a decision, recommendation, act or omission of which the complainant has had knowledge for more than twelve months before the complaint is received by the Commissioner
  2. if the Commission considers that :
    • the subject matter of the complaint is trivial
    • the Complaint is frivolous or vexatious or is not made in good faith, or
    • the complainant does not have sufficient personal interest in the subject matter of the complaint.